W124 wagon - Junkyard Gem: 1989 Mercedes

Wagon w124 My w124

Wagon w124 Russia War

Curbside Classic: Mercedes W124 (1985

Wagon w124 Deboss Garage

Wagon w124 Curbside Classic:

Wagon w124 This Old

Wagon w124 1994 Mercedes

Wagon w124 Junkyard Gem:

Wagon w124 Russia War

Wagon w124 Junkyard Gem:

Wagon w124 W124: History

Still a class apart? Driving the W124 Mercedes E

I would happily buy a brand new one today… all it needs is GPS and a modern stereo.

  • Even now, some of them still run as taxis, and those that left service are now in Southern Europe and North Africa, doing the same thing.

This Old Mercedes Sedan Was Much Cooler Than You Think • Gear Patrol

Inside the dash, while completely modern, harkened back to the W126.

  • Внешние победы могли бы заставить россиян чувствовать себя значимыми, ощущать гордость за страну.

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