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Eh walao Walao Eh!

Eh walao Walao Eh!

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Eh walao Walao Eh!


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walao eh! 大众实用电话及网站

Malay Phrase Direct Translation Meaning Ham sap Salty wet Felling naughty Kan cheong spider You are a tight long spider You are so uptight or anxious Kelam kabut Disorderly Someone who is confused Cincai Green vegetables A casual attitude about something Makan angin Eat wind Set on a vacation Chia lat Eat strength When something requires too much effort Ya ke Is it? Both are used to describe Caucasians.

  • Â Makanannya sih lumayan ketika di kunjungan awal pas baru buka , tapi di kunjungan kali ini, sorry to say, makanannya failed banget.

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