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意思 describe describe

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意思 describe Describe an

意思 describe describe+sth+as

Describe your family

意思 describe oracle中的DESCRIBE(显示表、视图结构)


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意思 describe What Does

意思 describe describe+sth+as

意思 describe describe中文, describe是什麼意思:描述…

意思 describe Words to

describe中文, describe是什麼意思:描述…

Thus, the importance of having a family cannot be ignored to live on the planet.

  • What difficult thing would you talk about? There is a strong feeling inside me for my family.


Then mention how a family is important to a person and how this is even more true for you.

  • He congratulated me and I was extremely happy and all my friends were surprised when I told them because most of them had done the test more than once in order to pass.