Yamaha tmax - Yamaha TMAX 560 Technical Specifications

Tmax yamaha TMAX

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Tmax yamaha YAMAHA TMAX

Yamaha TMAX and TMAX Tech MAX Updated for 2022

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Tmax yamaha Welcome to

Yamaha TMAX 560 Technical Specifications

Tmax yamaha Yamaha TMAX

Tmax yamaha Yamaha Tmax

YAMAHA TMAX 560 (2020

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For 2020 Yamaha have slimmed down the tail section and seats.

  • The 2015 version adds a 12V powered accessory port and remote control of gas cap and storage locks to the features list.

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A new centre switch brings many of the functions together so that the rider can now turn the main power on and off, activate the main switch and handlebar steering lock, and open the seat with fewer operational steps.

  • New upside-down 41mm front fork provides excellent suspension while adding to the sporty look while radial-mount front brake calipers contribute to the excellent performance of the front braking system.

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