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Aurantimaculata channa Channa Aurantimaculata

Aurantimaculata channa Channa Fish

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Channa aurantimaculata, a new channid fish from assam (Brahmaputra River basin), India, with designation of a neotype forC. amphibeus (McClelland, 1845)

Aurantimaculata channa Category:Channa aurantimaculata

Aurantimaculata channa Channa Aurantimaculata

Channa bleheri

Aurantimaculata channa Channa aurantimaculata

Aurantimaculata channa Category:Channa aurantimaculata

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Channa Fish

Channa Fish

Nah untuk ikan ini biasanya paling kecil sekitar ukuran 12-13cm dan itupun harga saat ini sudah mencapai Rp350.

  • The genus Channa contains 31 species that are native throughout Asia from are native from southeastern Iran and eastern Afghanistan eastward through Pakistan, India, southern Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and China northward into Siberia.

Quick guide to snakeheads

Beware of other fish in the aquarium.

  • These must be able to stand the necessary seasonal drop in temperature during below tropical levels.