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Tupac 25 Facts

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'Tupac’ photo taken ONE DAY after rapper was killed sparks wild conspiracy theories that he faked his death

Depois de completar seu segundo ano na Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, ele foi transferido para a Baltimore School for the Arts, onde ele estudou , , e.

  • It is a common phenomenon for some artists involved in shady business and likely to be the reason Tupac indeed died with no chance of survival considering where he was shot on his body.

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Nonetheless, the shooters never arrived.

  • Delors Tucker afirmou que o conteúdo do rap era difamatório, misógeno, obsceno e pornográfico; que as suas letras expunham os negros especialmente os jovens do sexo masculino ao ridículo e desprezo universal, corrompendo os ouvintes brancos e negros de todo o mundo.

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