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With this car I achieved 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds It is hard to time it when you are so excited seeing the world zoom in before you.

  • When Kanda asked him why he'd killed everyone, wondering if Alma had recovered his memories, Alma noted that he Alma was like an Akuma before attacking himself with his own Innocence.

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While the Order had told Kanda that he had killed Alma, they really took his body to the North American Branch and bound him with powerful sealing magics, implanting an Akuma nucleus from the shard taken from the Akuma Egg that had been destroyed in the original European Branch into his body.

  • He then screams out in pain as the Dark Matter acts up again, and when Kanda turns to him, Alma asks Kanda to let him die naturally and to not use Innocence, feeling like he deserves to suffer; even though he hates the Black Order, he feels guilty for killing the former members of the Asia Branch.

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